Shipping Efficiency VS Unboxing Experience in E-commerce

Two factors to take into account while creating your custom packaging is optimizing it to save cost on shipping and at the same time, offering an outstanding customer experience once the package is received.

We will see that you do not need to compromise on either both as they can go hand in hand together.

Craft an exciting unboxing experience

If you create packaging that exceeds your customers’ wishes, you will be richly rewarded. It comes on a marketing stand point but as well practicality of the packaging.

On a Marketing Standpoint

You need to wow your customer once their purchase lands on their doorstep. “Unboxing’” experience is increasingly more important to your consumers.

A branded unboxing experience enables you to make receiving and unwrapping your product bigger than just the product. Unwrapping products becomes an event itself, which delivers extra value to your customer at a relatively low cost to you.

This extra value increases customer engagement and in turn, purchase renewals.

When your customers open the box received, they need to feel special.

On a Practicality Standpoint

Your priority is that your products survive the e-commerce supply chain and arrives in perfect conditions. If you compromise on box quality or size, your customers will have a bad image of your business and you might be features in videos like “Best packaging fails”.

There is a clear influence of custom packaging performance on sales if done right.

Make a Custom size box for unique Products

Achieve more efficient Shipping

Most e-commerce businesses struggle to consistently use well-fitted packaging since they get standard size boxes and try to fit their products in there.

At the Packtory, all our Boxes are custom made to your requirements– thus we create the perfect packaging for you to pack your products, save space, save cost and deliver your products safely.

Custom made boxes take into account your product dimensions and weight in order to minimize void fill and optimize the thickness of the paper used.

Also, minimizing packaging weight will save you a lot on shipping costs.


At the Packtory, the customer gets a convenient, easy-to-open, e-commerce-ready package that fits the product perfectly.

By crafting custom packaging, you carry out a toll on our economy, our environmentand your profit margins.