Increase your Amazon SEO

After concerns raised by customers on the excessive and unsustainable packaging used in the past, Amazon is now pursuing the perfect balance between unboxing experience and shipping efficiency.

Those new guidelines came with incentives for sellers putting them into practice:

Get certified FFP (Frustration Free Packaging) and rise your listing to the top

A new way to boost your Amazon SEO rating.

Amazon SEO explained

Your listing will rank higher once you have a higher conversion rate – combined with keyword relevance. The basic elements are as follow:

  • Optimized Title– Related keywords with high search volume.
  • Bullet points– Features and benefits listed as long tail keywords
  • Images – Clean, big and accurate.
  • Enhanced brand content– The more you convert, the higher you rank.

Better packaging = Better ranking

How packaging can help me rank higher?

There are three levels of packaging certifications for Amazon sellers – The better your certification level, the higher yours listing will be:

  • PFP – Prep-Free Packaging – Amazon don’t need to prep and ships it in an Amazon over box. The basic.
  • SIOC – Ships in own container – No Amazon over box is required, less waste. Amazon likes it, rewards you by higher rankings.
  • FFP – Frustration-Free Packaging standard – The jackpot. Is using special recyclable materials, easy to open and for a best customer experience.

Time to go up the ladder of packaging and crush the competition.
You would need to start the packaging certification yourself, following Amazon guidelines

More information about FFP certification  

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