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Tailor made packaging with just a few clicks!

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Choose your style, kit parts, size & quantity. 100% Money Back guarantee if not satisfied by the Digital samples.

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We partner with multiple vetted printing workshop across China to print all the artwork on quality recycled materials.

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We deliver for free to any location in China: It could be your supplier, Your fulfilment center, or your shipping agent. 

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The unboxing experience is often overlooked, yet, packaging and inserts increase the perceived value of a product – and by extension the entire brand. It results in more sales, happy customers, skyrocketing re-purchase rates and fewer in-authenticity claims
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Are you currently dropshipping from China ?
In order to survive in this highly competitive market and stop relying only on expensive ads, it is time to brand your items and give your products an identity. Increase your brand loyalty, make your customers happy and scale your business to new highs.
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Are you an online Business manufacturing goods in China?  Combine folded mailer boxes and your products to be send to you, and save big!
Give your customers an amazing unboxing experience, get viral and skyrocket your sales.
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“Smart marketing investment, not just a packaging methodology.”


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Order from only 500 pcs

Test first, grow later!

chinese factory

Free delivery in China

Delivery within 7-20 days from your design validation!

custom design and support

Cheap tailored designs

You describe what you want, we make it happen for only 89$

custom dimensions

Customized size 

Select your boxes size for a perfect fit

ecofriendly recycled materials

Eco friendly packing

Recycled materials, wood-free paper and printing with soy-based ink. 

No hidden costs

You pay once for your kit, all services are included in the order price!

100% satisfied warranty

100% Money back guarantee

If you don’t like our design proposition, let us know and get a refund!

international support & service

Support on all stages

Our team will stay in touch during the whole process!

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Once we get to know you, we don’t forget! Save time and energy working with us.

Fact & Figures about Packaging

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hit your marketing targets

Give an experience

97% of customers say good packaging can create a memorable customer experience.*

95% say bad packaging can ruin an online customer experience.*

Get Viral

49% of buyers share online purchase experiences on social channels*

83% of online consumers say they are likely to share an image of quality packaging on social media.*

Skyrocket Sales

52% of online consumers say they are more likely to make repeat purchases from a brand that delivers orders in memorable packaging.*

*Online survey by www.dotcomdist.com

What our clients say

I have been selling on Amazon for about 4 years now. I struggled to build a brand as I did not have any idea on how to actually do it. Now my sales are through the roof with a loyal customer base, all thanks to the packtory! 

Jordan. Amazon FBA seller.

I am new with dropshipping, but selling Chinese good is a good sales complement to my handcrafted jewels shop. The packtory helped me to sell products while respecting my brand identity. Thanks !

Annah. Craftmanship dropshipper.

The whole point is to reach higher ranking in Amazon listings. A visually appealing packaging will help you reach this goal. I ordered a product box, the design was just in line with what I wanted. Good service to work with.

Shane. Amazon Seller.