When to choose the Impact box

Command attention on your listing with our folding cartons offering great presentation value for a high-end unboxing experience. Perfect for any small to medium items. No more opp bags with a simple sticker on, it is time to put your products in a stylish slim branded box.

Our designs have been studied for maximum ecommerce optimization – Communicate quickly and clearly what your product does. It lists the biggest advantages of your product in a concise and prominent position, includes the barcodes and any legal requirements.

About the product box

fresh product box

We have carefully selected the materials to provide a lightweight box and space optimized for cost saving in the master carton. This is not a ready to ship box, it needs to be packed in a mailer by you or by Amazon when it is shipped out to customers.

Building the perfect packaging for your products means custom sizes to fit your needs, we got you covered! With the perfect size, you will optimize space, save money on shipping and get brand loyalty from your precious customers.

This style features a top closure that tucks from the rear to the front, while the bottom closure tucks from the front to the rear of the box. It’s easy to open and close and can be opened from either the top or bottom end.