Source packaging provider in China

Packaging in China: how to find the right provider?

While finding products in China has became a child’s play with the advent of internet and large platforms like Alibaba, finding the right provider for packaging isn’t always easy. Indeed, while a product is already standardised, you need to consider packaging production shall be customized to your business objectives. Sourcing packaging is then a whole project that you need to think out before carrying it out.

Chinese provider in the packaging industry aren’t used to work with western people as much as they are in other industries which directly sell to foreigners. As a matter of fact, it’s much harder to coordinate conception, production of packaging and delivery in China when you a abroad.

Amongst the several things to take into account when carrying out a packaging project:

Branding – Design of the packaging should reflect your brand the right way. Specialists of packaging design know how to create a whole experience around your brand. Even if package is sent from China.

Legal information – Whether you ship your packaged product to Europe or United States, there are a range of compulsory legal information that needs to be printed on the packaging. Most packaging providers located in China don’t know much about legal matters abroad.

Quality – Depending on your brand image and on the product specifications like size and weight, you need to choose the right quality of packaging. Indeed, items need to be well protected when shipped around the world. Choosing the right thickness of cardboard, shape of box is not an obvious thing.

Environment – There are more and more concerns about environment amid customers, which we believe is a good thing. Packaging shouldn’t be an extra burden to the environment footprint of your product, but rather a way to communicate on your efforts to support environment protection.

These questions raises, you may wonder where to find the right advisor and provider in China to create your packaging.

You may look around on the web, and will probably end back here. Today, The Packtory is the only western ran company that provides China packaging.

Working with The Packtory ensures:

  • Cheap prices: as our factories are all based in China. We even often provide free delivery to your suppliers based in China.
  • High quality control: carried out by our print experts. They make sure paper choice, colours print and box cuts are free from defects.
  • Low production lead time: from design to print usually represents less than a week.

Addressing a packaging provider like The Packtory ensures you to successfully carry out your projects in China.