How the Packtory handles your order

The processes behind the Packtory might sometimes seem complicated. But if they are complicated on our side, we made everything to ensure a simple and smooth path to success for our customers.

What does the Packtory do?

In a few words, we design and produce your packaging items in our Chinese factories and send them to your Chinese product suppliers. You don’t care about anything else other than having your products nicely branded when they are delivered by your supplier.

Here is an overview of the process of ordering with The Packtory and of what’s going on behind. 

I – Passing the order:

You can pass the order in two ways:

– If one of our boxes or products corresponds to your needs, you can order it directly from our website and pay upfront. You may want to consider our packaging design offer that includes full packaging design operated by our graphic team. It is the best way to get the job done as they know exactly the way we print and produce boxes behind. 

– If you would like more information or aren’t sure about where to go, ask for a quote. Our sales team is dedicated to help you define your needs and start off a project that will work-out at a great price. Feel free to share detailed information in the quote form, we NEVER share it with anyone, neither use it for any means. It is part of the game. The Packtory sales team will come back with a quote for your packaging, and you are free to accept it or not.

II – Designing & producing your packaging items

Once you accept and pay the quote, the designing session starts. Our team of western designers will know how to rightly create a packaging that fits your expectations while handling the production side as well. Once you approve the design, our print factories in China will produce your packaging items .

You are also free to design your box by yourself if you wish so and have the necessary skills, we don’t take it personally.

III – Shipping

We are used to working with suppliers in China. You’ll have to let your supplier or fulfillment center know that we will deliver boxes for your product, and we will take care of sending them. Depending on the region of your supplier, you may benefit from free shipping cost.

IV – Delivery 

Whether you are a drop shipper, e-commerce seller or amazon seller, you will get your products shipped by your suppliers according to your needs, we don’t intervene here – except you now have nicely branded products!