Successfully source your packaging in China

You are an Amazon seller, a dropshipper or an e-commerce owner sourcing your products  in China. If you want to brand them, the task of finding a good supplier of packaging in China can be a tough task.

Tt is obvious than sourcing packaging in your own country and sending it to China is not a solution. The best practice of the industry simply consists in sourcing your custom branded packaging in China. You can then get them forwarded to your supplier and get your supplier to ship products in the right packaging.

However, sourcing a product in China might be easy nowadays but coordinating a whole packaging production is not. It implies several pitfalls that can make you lose time and money.

If you forecast to handle the whole process your self, the right questions to raise when beginning are the following:

  • How will you validate the quality of your packaging?
  • How can you make sure your design is appropriately done for printing?
  • How will you coordinate delivery to your product suppliers?
  • Which Chinese printing supplier will answer your quality needs for a good price?
  • How long will it take from your supplier benchmark to the delivery of your packaging?

packaging produced in China

We have experienced the hazards of sourcing packaging in China for years. This is why we came up with The Packtory concept. A team of international experts, with western standards services, ensuring your end-to-end packaging production in China.

We take care of producing quality boxes that reflect your needs, take into account a wide set of parameters (boxes thickness, materials, printing finish,…) and manage production and delivery. Our network of printing factories ensure one of the cheapest prices you will find on the market. You may look around and figure it out yourself!

Discover what you can do with The Packtory!

A team of expert for affordable and quality packaging made in China