How custom packaging can help grow your sales

7 ways to get the most out of your packaging and branding kit…even if you source in China

Working on a good packaging is not only about creating a wow factor or increase the perceived value of your products. You should think beyond having a nicely designed box.

Let’s think customer retention and social. A strategically designed packaging answers both esthetical and business objectives. It engages with the client right at the opening by creating an experience. It helps continue the relation you have started with your clients when they bought on your website, or simply start this relation if you are selling on Amazon or other marketplace and have a direct contact with your clients.

Dropshippers sourcing in China are very few to take this opportunity of branding their product the right way with a custom packaging. It is a great way to differentiate yourself and make your offer stand out.

We have gathered 7 ways to improve the way you design your packaging content from our top clients.

The Packtory - Seven way to get the most of of your packaging and branding kits

1 – Take advantage of the full printing space

Let’s look at it, When you send a mailer box or product box, you get a great space of expression. Customers appreciate tangible things, and are receptive to a message well located when opening their box. Packaging matters as a space of expression which is linked to your product experience as a whole.

2- Do not hesitate to tease your clients

What will your clients think when they first receive your mailer boxes ? They will surely look at it wondering who is the sender, and while waiting to be home to open it, will look at the outside design. This is a perfect moment to tease them. We have seem amongst our best clients taglines such as « It’s your happy day » ,  « Wait before sharing it with friends », « Filled with Happiness ».

Depending on your communication objectives and what you are selling, define a perfect message

3- Be social, think viral

You have two objectives to keep in mind when going social with your packaging :

  • it can help you grow your social pages audience by asking your clients to follow them
  • it can support your clients in sharing about their purchase to their  friends

You must remain clear on your goals. People don’t like being asked to do things, and will only execute themselves if they had a good experience with your product. Highlight only one of these two call-to-actions, and let the other one.

« Share the love with your friends » «  We’d love to count you amongst our followers, come in ! »

4 – Engage with your client

The packaging is sometimes your unique point de contact with your clients, it’s notably the case when doing sales on Amazon FBA. You do not have the opportunity to exchange with your clients other than answering complain. If you are sourcing your products in China, you probably know they often come in awful packagings. It is dramatic for your client’s unboxing experience and decreases the perceived value of the product, hence limiting your chances to run additional sales or drive social strategies like word of mouth.

The services that Packtory offers tackle that problem allowing you to build a brand with your own custom message in quality packaging. Packaging is printed in China and then sent to your suppliers’ factories before being sent to the end country.

5 – Think customer retention and repurchase

A box is a great location to share a discount coupon with your customers. Whether it is printed in the inside of the box or on a paper card. Making it look personal and add a real value for your customers is a good start to increase your chances to build a relation. The rest will be digital, but the door remains physical.

6- Grow your customer contact base

If you are selling on marketplaces such as Amazon, you have access to very limited contact opportunities with your clients. Competition is fierce and what you want is a direct communication channel with them.

Beyond social pages, sneaking a paper card inside your mailer or product box is the perfect way to push your clients to share their email with you. Some triggers you can use include the promise of a newsletter filled with hot offers, or a discount coupon.

7- Keep it simple

As we say, simple is beautiful. Start by defining your top business objectives (customer retention, customer acquisition, unboxing experience…), define your messages, and finally run the design.

This is where design services like the packtory’s design come in. You let us know what your business objectives are, and our team executes the design to fit them perfectly.

Focus on your main business objectives to not overcome your client with too many messages.


Let’s conclude that improving its brand and packaging, whether you are an Amauon seller, ecommerce merchant or dropshipper is not an easy task. It has an additional cost per product and induces a complexity to your existing sourcing process. But the reward is here for the ones to take the lead in the numerous opportunities brought by packaging.

You may want to contact the Packtory, our team of experts are international and used to all the aspects of sourcing and will surely advise you on how to start your packaging journey.